Welcome to the Second Page

This page is the current information page and it will be updated regularly
with the things the gardeners and community would benefit from knowing about.

Friends of the Garden

Kathryn called and asked if she could come to the garden and pull weeds.  Then Kathryn’s friend Christie ask if she could also come and help out around the garden.  Together they have cleaned up the front weed patch and prepared many rows and plots for planting.

Greg and Becky have stopped by and visited the garden many times over the years.  This season Greg & Becky asked if they could help out.  Together they have cleaned out beds and other maintenance tasks.

Read more about being a friend of the garden down and to the right on this page. 

Start making plans for 2021 – Season 12.

Whether you garden with us or garden on your own we encourage you to visit Holly and Diane.  Pay them a visit now and talk about getting your starts from them in the early spring.

The Pumpkin Patch Community Garden has plenty of plots available for the 2021 season.  Sign up for yours now and get it ready for next year before the snow falls.  This way you have great soil ready to plant in the spring.

This is the second season that Holly has donated and helped plant veggie starts to the garden.   Holly’s garden has veggies in the spring, but now she has so much more available.  Click on the image above to go to her website.


Diane has been a friend of the garden donating starts for many many years.   Like Holly, Diane has veggie starts in the spring,  and now has is her dry land plant season.  Click on the picture above to go to her website.

Garden Up Date

Millwood Community Presbyterian Church has generously continued to be our non-profit sponsor for the last 9 years, even though no one from the church activity participated in the garden after the first season or two.  Their sponsorship provided us with the non-profit status allowing people to give the garden charitable donations, and the garden was a rider on their insurance policy. 

We are Thankful for our new non-profit sponsor – Millwood Community Association (MCA),   MCA’s  mission is  the Promotion of cultural, educational activities for the enhancement of quality of life for the City of Millwood residents and surrounding communities.   Financial donations in support of the PPCG may be made through MCA and are greatly appreciated.


The Garden is Open

Plot Reservations:  We still have plots available.  Use the contact information at the bottom of the page.

August 29, 2020:   Millwood Daze

Wood Chips

Yes, the piles of wood chips are available for people to take, Contact us through the link at the bottom of the page and we can arrange a time to meet you and open the gate.  

If you need large size piles and have a place for a large truck to get in and out easily, then we can provide you with the contact information for two local companies.

Plant Starts

If you prefer to start your garden plot with Plant Starts, then we recommend you check with Desert Jewels when they open in the early spring.  The website does not list vegetable plants, but Diane always has plenty in her greenhouses.

Also, I just heard from Holly’s Custom Creations and Holly said, “Yes I am, all veggies, herbs and perennial plants”.  Holly anticipates having her plants for sell as soon as May 3rd.


When you are ready to get plant starts going ahead of time or when it is time to plant seeds in the ground,  then Northwest Seed & Pet and North40 are two great local sources for seeds and other supplies.    ‘Our Community‘ page lists many of the seed companies we have purchased from or received donations from if you want to order on-line.


Cables Across the Entrances

We have decided that we need to be pro-active in trying to limit the amount of illegal dumping on the property, and to limit the safety risk from people driving to fast as they use our front lot to turn around.   To prevent the above activities while you are at the garden we request that gardeners reconnect the cable after pulling in.  You do not need to lock it while you are there, but please lock it when you are the last to leave.

Friends of the Garden

Perhaps you do not want your own plot to garden, yet you would like to be involved in caring for a part of the garden.  We can always use help planting and maintaining the food bank rows and caring for the general garden areas.  Early in the season you can be involved in cleaning up and planting the rows; all season long plants will need tied up as they grow and weeds will need pulled; and as each variety is ready for harvest veggies will need to be picked and delivered.

Several times a season the parameter of the garden needs the grasses and weeds dealt with, garden plot beds and the water system need repair from time to time, and beautification projects make the garden more pleasant.

Individuals and groups are welcome to contact us and discuss the way they would like to be involved.

Operating costs of the garden exceed the amount received from plot fees.  The charitable donations from friends of the garden, both personal and businesses, enable us to continue and our mission of “Growing Food and Community”.  Thank You for your generosity. 

Support the Pumpkin Patch Community Garden by purchasing your IFG lumber from SAVEMORE Building Supply

IFG donated the wood for the original garden boxes 9 years ago, and this season they have done so again.  Our Quiet Supporter advocated on our behalf for wood to replace the 9 year old boxes.  We thank them both for their extreme and gracious generosity.

Our Quiet Supporter also contacted SAVEMORE Building Supply about picking up the lumber at the Mill and delivering it to the garden.    SAVEMORE was completely on board with this and gave us this extremely generous gift.

One of our new gardeners when told it was SAVEMORE  that had gotten and delivered the wood;  said, ” that sounds like SAVEMORE, I work with them all the time and they are wonderful.”