The Pumpkin Patch Community Garden

is about

“Growing Food and Community”

The Pumpkin Patch Community Garden helps families and school educate children about fresh healthy foods and provides a venue for people to learn organic gardening practices. It provides a place and project for strengthening community relationships and turned a vacant lot into a productive piece of land. 

We also provide gardening as an opportunity for area youth to learn and practice the art of community service.  The garden is a safe comfortable place for people new to gardening as well as for the master gardener.  Over the years we have donated produce to 2nd Harvest’s Plant a Row program,  UGM Men’s outreach,  Family Promise, Valley Partners’ Food Bank.  For the last several years Meals on Wheels has been our primary point of giving

The “Our Community” page is a portfolio of the people, organizations and businesses that are now or have been a participant in the garden.
The “History” page tells the short story of how the garden came into being.
The “start Up” page recognizes the organizations with vision for the garden.

Growing Food

Individually gardeners will grow food in their plot(s).  Part of our culture is helping people new to gardening.

We are also a place where the more seasoned gardener can add to their growing space.

Collectively we grow food to share with several outreach organizations in the Spokane area.  We ask all gardeners to volunteer some time in these garden spaces.

Organically:  we use organic products and processes to grow our food.

Growing Community

Through the shared experience of gardening together we hope beneficial friendships will develop.

We hope the garden’s presence will produce a positive sense of well being for the local community.  And that people visiting the garden will go away feeling uplifted, inspired, satisfied.

The PPCG is a place used by many youth organizations and schools to provide the opportunity for their people to discover the wonder of community service.  To experience the dual impact of giving: the internal satisfaction of giving and seeing the benefit felt by the recipients.

The PPCG has become a transfer station for the generosity of so many people, businesses and organizations to enhance the well being of the greater Spokane Valley Communities.  The gifts the PPCG receive pass through us to the local schools, food banks, etc.