Thank you for your interest in the Pumpkin Patch Community Garden. This page and the ones associated will help you get started at the Garden.  The Plot fee is $25.00 for the season (garden season is typically April – October).

Getting Started does just that: Step by Steps on how to begin at or return to the PPCG.

Agreement: Linked to the current Garden Agreement form in a PDF format.

Planting and Tending:  Talks about what to plant and grow at the PPCG that seems to work well, and what is involved in caring for your plot.

Garden Plots are 4ft x 10ft raised beds.  The first 36 plots have water piped to them and we will added facets as needed.  Another 18 plots were added after the initiate build up, and these plots do not have facets at the plot itself, yet they are easily watered from long hoses attached to the first 36 plot.

Garden members may participate in the garden by signing up for 1 or more plots.  Plots have a $25 plot fee each.  Gardeners may plant most vegetable types except those listed on the agreement.

The ground under the garden plots is still fairly hard packed from when it was a large construction equipment parking lot.  So we have discovered that the best watering method is by hand or with a weeping hose.  The plot can be completely watered in 10 minutes or less.

The soil in the plots was originally a mixture of Whitkopp garden soil and BARR-TECH compost.  Since then we have added mulched leaves, rabbit manure, and in 2021 we started to add soil from Marle worm Growers.  Fertilizers need to be organic and approved by the garden coordinator.

The 4 x 10 plot and the row around the plot is the maintenance responsibility of the plot holder.  This means keeping up on the weeds pulling and trash removal.

We are an “Organic Garden” so any soil building additions need to be organic.  Weed killing poisons are not permitted at the PPCG.  Weed digging and pulling is the method used.

The summer months are normally significantly hot and the PPCG has great sun exposure.  Mulching garden plots is important, and we have a significant pile of leaves decaying that can be used for this purpose.

Trellises may be used as needed to support plants with in your plot.

The PPCG does experience a level of produce stealing from both Animal and Human offenders.  To reduce this lose we have begun making hoop covers over the plots out of 10ft long plastic conduit.  Then we put wire or netting over the plastic conduit.  We have also made framed boxes covered with wire to put over the plot.  If this is something a plot holder would like to do, then discuss it with the garden coordinator to see want will work best for you.