Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch Community Garden (PPCG).

This page tells you how to get started at the garden for both New and Returning Gardeners.

  1.  Read the Garden Plot Permit / Release Form.  The link is to the right. If you understand and agree with these rules and the liability release contain therein, then continue to step 2.
  2. Contact the Garden Coordinator: Teresa, teresa@pumpkinpatchgarden.net
  3. Schedule with Teresa a time to meet at the garden for a tour and to discuss any questions you may have.
  4. Review the Garden Plot Permit / Release Form with Teresa.
  5. If you are ready to get started, then Teresa and you will pick your garden plot(s).
  6. Complete two copies of the Garden Agreement. One you will keep and the other you will give back to Teresa
  7. Start Gardening.

Be sure to understand the following

Being a part of the PPCG and having garden plots is only a part of it.  Please be sure that you understand we are asking all plot holders to also participate in the general up keep of the area around their bed, up keep of the garden in general, and to participate in the care of the food back rows.

To prevent illegal dumping in the parking lot and around the garden we have added a cable across both entrances.  To prevent unwanted traffic into or through the garden we ask that you reconnect the cable to the post after you drive in.  Please do not park where you will block others trying to drive into or out of the garden.


Your signed Garden Plot Permit and Release Form is your permission to be on the property.  We recommend that you keep it with your garden tools / supplies that your regularly bring to the garden.  This way if the County Sheriff or IEP Security is patrolling the garden you will be able to show it if asked.

Safety first.  The best practice is prevention, so be careful how and where you leave your tools.  Please do not leave a items in or across the walkways after you are finished for the day.